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About us

The combination of readily accessible bulk material and the unpredictable winter weather events in Northeast Ohio was the motivation behind the creation of Abraxus Salt, LLC. In 2000, Abraxus took a major step toward industry prominence when a $1.3 million salt dome was erected in Brooklyn, Ohio – the first privately owned salt dome from Cleveland to the Eastern Seaboard – capable of holding 6,000 tons of salt. This forged a relationship with Cargill Deicing Technology and we become the largest distributor of Cargill deicing products in the region. Today, Abraxus Salt, LLC has become one of the largest privately owned providers of bulk and bagged deicing chemicals.

The relationships we have forged along with our industry expertise make Abraxus Salt the trusted choice in snow and ice control. Learn more by contacting us today.

About Abraxus Salt